Folks, do not settle in Brunswick. In the last four years, our property taxes were raised by more than 18 percent. How much can residents and our small businesses afford?

Brunswick is in a state of chaos and decline, and nobody on our Town Council can rein in this overspending.

Now I am not, and never will be, a tea party nor Paul LePage advocate. I am my own person, on a fixed income.

The average home in Brunswick is sold for $150,000. The property tax increases mean that two people struggling to pay their bills will struggle even more.

Our Town Council has never been responsive to public comments. They just brush people off. We have way too many town employees. That means more costs for retirements and medical insurance, etc.

We need to outsource our Public Works Department and other tax-dependent departments. Sorry, but this just keeps growing each year, and a large number of the towns in Maine outsource public works with no detrimental effects. Just travel Maine to see for yourself.

It is way past time for this council to stand up for Brunswick and get our financial house in good order. We need a new town manager. Word is out. I say, “Do not apply.”

Finally, I encourage other Brunswick residents to write letters to the editor, try voicing your opinion at public budget hearings or suffer from lack of effort.

Bill Perreault