Regarding the unfinished look of the new Hyatt Place building on Fore Street: How many words can I think of to describe … that? “Terrible,” “ugly,” “out of place” (well, that’s three) …

What was the thought going into the design? Simple modernist reflects turn-of-the-century brick of the Old Port? Yeah, it sure does all that, but not in a good way.

Are they expecting all the buildings on the opposite side of the street to be razed and made to look like ugly hotel/retail space? I sure hope not.

Unfortunately, I need to go through the Old Port now with my sun visor down and to the left to cut down on the “brilliant” design and awful decisions – again, made by the powers that be.

So sad to see what could’ve been such a great addition to the Old Port be just more lousy architecture.

Andy Haynes
South Portland