I am very sorry and troubled about the killing of Arzy the dog (“Maine man accuses Louisiana officer of shooting his dog without cause,” May 1).

However, I must say that Brandon Carpenter, the “itinerant” musician who brought his 90-pound black dog on a freight train, was making bad decisions right from the beginning of his trip from Portland to Louisiana.

He endangered his dog with this very unsafe method of travel, and also with his next bad decision – getting into the back of someone else’s vehicle to “take a nap.”

The South is not like Maine, where black dogs are popular and beloved. It is too hot for them there, people are extremely afraid of them and the police are notoriously unfriendly and dangerous to both dogs and people.

For someone who has traveled as much as he says he has, Carpenter should have known that the best place for your dog, especially when electing to travel illegally, is at home.

Rest in peace, Arzy.

Gillyin Gatto