CHICAGO — A high school student is challenging a suspension he said he received for wearing a T-shirt to school that depicts an AK-47.

Senior Chris Borg, 18, of Hinsdale appeared before the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 school board Monday to make the request that the suspension he received on May 6 be removed from his record.

Borg told the board that he wore a T-shirt with the outline of an AK-47 depicted on the back, a URL for the website of a Kentucky armory club that supports gun rights and the words “TeamAK” on it. He said the shirt did not identify the gun as an AK-47 in writing.

“I felt it was an infringement of my First Amendment right to freedom of expression,” Borg said. Superintendent Bruce Law said the T-shirt violates the school’s dress code.

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