William King is running for York County sheriff. He is chief deputy now and has more than the qualifications needed to be elected sheriff. He has worked for the CIA and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and has served many years in law enforcement.

Although he is qualified for the job, he brings many other credentials that make him the perfect candidate. More important, he cares about the people of York County and has proven it time after time.

He is concerned with protecting our senior citizens and has worked with many senior groups to help make them aware of the lottery scams that are out there. I have never met anyone more determined and passionate to make a difference than Bill!

I am amazed at how many stories I have heard from people explaining what Bill has done for them. He is an advocate not only for the elderly, but also for victims of violent crime. He was also honored in the Portland Press Herald in 2013 as one of 10 Mainers to be thankful for.

He is running a clean campaign and is concentrating on what he can bring to the table. He is positive and upbeat, unlike some of his opponents. The negativity that is associated with politics turns many people off, but Bill’s vision for the Sheriff’s Office and his commitment to work for the citizens is refreshing.

Make sure you vote for William King for York County sheriff. Stand up and be heard that you are tired of the negativity in politics – vote for someone who cares about our community and will help bring changes needed.

If you are a registered Democrat in York County, please vote June 10. If not, register and vote. Help make Maine a proud place to live.

Susan Curtis



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