I’ve lived all over America for nearly 50 years, in urban, suburban and rural locations, and I have never in my life seen so many accidents caused by drivers drifting over the centerline and hitting oncoming cars head on as we are now experiencing in Maine.

Yet another example was in the newspaper May 7, caused by a man reaching for his cellphone (“Local & State Dispatches: Woman flown to hospital after crash; charges likely”).

This phenomenon has now entered the realm of what I would call an epidemic, and I would like to see data on how many of these “drifting” accidents are caused by drivers on cellphones steering with one hand, reaching for cellphones or texting – at least two of which I witness daily as I drive around Portland and surrounding areas.

Were the outcomes not so tragic, it would be laughable and utterly ridiculous that any civilized and intelligent society would allow such foolishness while driving. Cellphone use should be banned in moving vehicles.

Rosemary Colston



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