Though the effort may not be as visible as it was a few days ago, the Maine Warden Service said Wednesday that it has not given up its search for a teenager from North Waterboro who has been missing for a week.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the warden service said it continues to interview people who may have seen 15-year-old Jaden Dremsa, and continues to investigate tips.

“The search may not be as visible, but that does not mean we are not making progress. We are still actively looking for Jaden,” said Maine Warden Service Lt. Kevin Adam in a press release.

Dremsa was last seen on the afternoon of May 8. He lives in the Twin Pines Trailer Park, which is off Route 5 in North Waterboro.

The warden service, local and state law enforcement agencies and dozens of volunteers have been searching a 2-mile perimeter around Dremsa’s home for days.

“In many cases we have exceeded the two-mile perimeter where Jaden was last seen,” Adam said. “We have searched the high-probability areas and no significant clues have been found that can be attributed to him.”

Earlier this week, wardens lowered the water level of nearby Lake Arrowhead so they could conduct a more effective search of the lake’s inlets and coves.

Adam said that warden service aircraft will continue to fly over the area around Lake Arrowhead when weather conditions permit such flights.

Dremsa’s mother, Jennifer Howard, posted a message Wednesday on a Facebook page called “Help Find Jaden Dremsa.”

More than 2,200 people have become members of the page since it was created shortly after Dremsa disappeared.

Howard praised the Maine Warden Service for leading the effort to find her son and thanked the community for all of its support.

“There has been no angle that has not been explored. It is a mystery,” Howard wrote. “Jaden not being home yet is not due to a lack of looking or trying. Between all of the agencies, friends, family, strangers and travelers he should have been found by now.”

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