Re: “Another poll shows LePage, Michaud, neck and neck, Cutler trailing” (May 7):

What this says to me is that Eliot Cutler needs a reality check before his ego spoils another governor’s race. With all due respect, the best he can do now is to say “bye-bye” and try again next time.

One would hope that the word on the street is true – that Mr. Cutler has no interest being the spoiler (again). He should look at the poll numbers and do the right thing.

Without a clear and decisive lead, his greatest contribution would be to pull out so that Gov. LePage doesn’t slip back in (again) with a minority vote.

In 2010, Mr. Cutler was looking good from afar, and I organized a meet-and-greet for him. I was really looking forward to meeting and getting behind him. After listening to him, however, I was unimpressed.

Smart? Oh, yeah. He’s plenty smart. Understanding of and compassionate toward the big picture? Not quite. I found his arrogance and self-absorption obnoxious, and his support of Nestle/Poland Spring, which is making a fortune pumping our state’s pristine water supply out to the world, kinda made my skin crawl.

So for all the folks who can’t see the forest for the trees: By supporting our present governor, who can’t see the forest or the trees, there’s only so much that can be done to enlighten this darkness. The fact is that a large majority of mindful Mainers understand the dim-witted, rolling train wreck that has become the LePage administration and want nothing to do with it for another four years.

Mike Michaud is the only logical choice. When I met him, I was very impressed. He’s hardworking, smart, effective, compassionate, humble and experienced. Our great state of Maine needs a great governor, and the choice is crystal clear.

Laurence A. Kelly