What a wonderful article about the value of summer camps in Maine (“A Word with the Boss: Summer camp is his focus, all year long,” May 8).

Wyonegonic Camps is just one of more than 100 camps in Maine that provide engaging and rewarding summer experiences for youth.

What locals and people from away may not know about is Maine Summer Camps (formerly the Maine Youth Camping Foundation), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and their families find the right camp experience.

It’s a fantastic organization with a robust website – http://mainecamps.org – that provides information and insights on two fronts.

First and foremost, through its unique Camp Matching tool, the site helps kids and their parents find precisely the right destination for them, taking into consideration important factors such as range of activities and location, specialties, size and cost. It’s an invaluable tool that helps ensure a fulfilling camp experience.

Second, Maine Summer Camps helps more than 100 high-quality camps and adventure programs market themselves. As your article pointed out, the camp industry is changing, and now more than ever, camps have to have a competitive edge to keep business from leaving the state.

Maine camps have a tremendous amount to offer, and Maine Summer Camps helps get that message out there to the people who need and want to know.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer than by the water or in the woods of our beautiful state, and I look forward to your continued coverage of the outstanding camping and outdoor enterprises that call Maine home.

Ron Hall



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