The recent endorsement of Republican Susan Collins by independent Angus King is upsetting to those of us who think that King has shown leadership as the junior senator from Maine (“Republican Susan Collins earns independent Angus King’s endorsement,” May 17).

A short while ago, King went to the floor of the Senate with Democrats to sound the alarm on climate change. Meanwhile, Collins has voted in support of the Keystone XL pipeline, a game-changing project that leading scientists say threatens the planet.

While Collins has acted to preserve clean air legislation, she has also voted on several occasions with her Republican climate-change deniers to prevent meaningful legislation on limiting carbon emissions.

She is also the only Maine congressional member who has not called for a complete environmental review of any proposal for a Montreal-to-South Portland tar sands pipeline.

This looks like an unfortunate case of Angus King seeking to demonstrate his independent credibility at the expense of the planet. This endorsement is especially disappointing since Collins has a credible opponent in Shenna Bellows, who has taken positions on climate change that match King’s own views.

If King really does think climate change is one of our greatest problems, he has made a big mistake in deciding to partner with Republican Collins.

Tom Mikulka

Cape Elizabeth