Thanks to Steve Robinson’s recent commentary (“Michaud’s support for Obamacare certain to haunt his bid for governor,” May 10), I’m afraid to leave my house for fear of being hit with a wayward premium skyrocket or tripping over physicians fleeing their bankrupt practices or struggling business owners collapsing on the street from uncertainty and anxiety – all because of Obamacare.

I had no idea I was in such danger, and all because Mike Michaud voted for it.

Mr. Robinson revealed that the congressman, now candidate for governor of Maine, caused “a massive upheaval of the American economy.” No wonder the stock market is breaking record highs and the unemployment rate is lower in Maine and in the nation than it has been in years.

Housing is rebounding. Retail sales are recovering from the effects of a harsh winter. The federal deficit is expected to come in a little more than $1 billion less than had been predicted. The Maine treasury is collecting greater revenue than at this time in 2013.

All this because Mike Michaud voted for an “amorphous bureaucratic monstrosity.”

Heavens to Betsy, more than 8 million people just enrolled to participate in the demise of the country. Eighty percent of them have even paid their first premiums and have begun receiving benefits that have improved their health and perhaps saved their lives. They’ll live to see the folly of their ways for being insured. Many are even gaming the system by paying lower premiums for improved coverage.

Throughout Maine, hospitals have taken the position of favoring an expansion of MaineCare that would add millions of dollars to their incomes while offering care to 70,000 newly insured customers. Mike Michaud favors this, too.

If it weren’t for the insight of Steve Robinson, I might have thought all this was good for us.