Does Eliot Cutler have any advisers who can make him see that his candidacy for governor will put Paul LePage right back into the Blaine House for four more damaging years?

When I mentioned this to Mr. Cutler one day on the sidewalk, his response was that LePage no longer has enough support to win.

Someone needs to be able to convince Mr. Cutler that he is greatly underestimating LePage’s following. LePage’s supporters are not what most of us call “supporters.” The people who will vote in the voting booth in sufficient numbers are blindly devoted, obedient, partisan followers.

The people who will vote for LePage are so unquestioning that they do not even see that they have been hurt by having him turn down millions of dollars for their health care, or that he shows no regard for their health and safety by laughing off our efforts regarding safe foods, safe water and a safe environment.

It is sadly ironic that the very people who have been hurt the most by LePage are the very ones who will vote for him. If Mr. Cutler cannot see how blind and senseless this devotion is, he need only to look at the number of legislators who made sensible votes, but then reversed them when they did not dare to override LePage’s vetoes.

Eliot Cutler wants to be governor, and I think he would be a very good one. However, this is not his time. If he runs now, he is running for LePage.

Nancy Greenier