ABOARD THE USS OAK HILL — To help kick off his new TNT thriller, “The Last Ship,” actor Adam Baldwin took an overnight sea cruise.

On Tuesday afternoon, Baldwin was flown by helicopter to the deck of the USS Oak Hill off New York City, where, with the Navy, TNT was hosting a sneak preview of his series’ first episode for the nearly 400-strong crew and several hundred more servicewomen and men along for the ride.

The Oak Hill was one of five military vessels that would dock in New York on Wednesday for the start of Fleet Week, which celebrates the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines.

On the Oak Hill, Baldwin kept busy posing for photos with his shipmates, chatting them up and thanking them for their service, and inspecting their brawny LSD (dock landing ship).

If Baldwin took no time getting his sea legs, no wonder. On “The Last Ship,” he plays Navy officer Mike Slattery, the second-in-command to Capt. Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) on a Navy destroyer that, by chance, evades a pandemic that kills much of the world’s population. The only hope of saving what’s left of humanity rests with Slattery, Chandler, the crew of the USS Nathan James, and Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra), a paleomicrobiologist who’s luckily on board. The cast did several days’ filming on a pair of Navy destroyers off San diego. The 10-episode season starts June 22.