Regarding the so-called plaza on the corner of High and Congress streets, I strongly believe it is the best interest of the city of Portland to sell that property to the Westin Hotel.

The primary source of government (at all levels) income is taxes, and unless I’m way off course, property taxes are the primary source of income for the city of Portland.

It upsets me, as much as just about anything can that is mostly out of my control, that a bunch of the citizens of this city want to stop the opportunity of getting a steady stream of revenue from what now is a complete eyesore. Bearing in mind that the income would come not only from the property taxes but also from meal taxes, occupancy taxes and sales tax.

I am willing to go along with the currently proposed tax increases to support the infrastructure of this city and even the many charitable services it provides. However, it galls me to have to finance the upkeep of an unattractive piece of real estate when there is an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of that intersection and, in turn, the entire city.

Selling that property is a win-win, and keeping it a lose-lose.

Bruce Erwin Johnson