As a volunteer for Eliot Cutler, I could tell you how great he is. I could say that he has a partisan plan free of grandstanding and political posturing. I could tell you how his tax reform plan will save families hundreds every year.

This, however, is not what people on the fence are talking about. On one side, we have the voters who believe in him, plant his sign on their lawns and his bumpersticker on their cars. On the other, we have people who think voting for a third party is a wasted vote.

To that, I have a solution: If everyone in Maine went to the voting booth and voted based only on who they thought would serve the state in the best way, we would have dramatically different results.

Voting should not be deciding between the lesser of two evils, or voting “anyone but …”; voting should be, and was intended to be, a process by which citizens can have their voice heard for who has the best ideology, integrity and experience to run the state. That being said, Eliot Cutler is the man for the job.

I volunteer on his campaign and see every day the character he has, and the character of the people he surrounds himself with.

His work on and overwhelming support for the EqualityMaine campaign show his open-mindedness and compassion. His work with Sen. Ed Muskie on the Clean Air and Water acts shows his attention to assets that Maine has to offer environmentally. And Cutler’s middle-of-the-road mentality shows that he won’t be bought or have ulterior motives.

We need a leader with a good heart. For these reasons, and so many more, I support Eliot Cutler and hope that you join me.

Kate Upton

East Orland