I used to live in Monson, I’ve worked in Augusta at times and enjoy visiting my family’s cottage in Steuben. I love your state. So permit me please to voice an opinion that I deeply believe is a fact.

The Department of Environmental Protection’s approval of the Canton Mountain wind project is more bad news for Mainers. Another mountain destroyed by a major industrial development incapable of producing power that can shut down the other generators. Fifty million more ratepayer dollars spent with nothing real in return.

The Department of Environmental Protection? More like the Department of Environmental Waste.

If you are going to fragment your forest habitat, destroy the lives of the people who live nearby and kill uncountable numbers of birds and bats for a wind project, it needs to be a productive source of energy.

Wind energy is an unreliable extra. Show me a working wind project that is not being duplicated elsewhere!

Until a grid operator can prove to us that wind generation is being put into a daily position where it is needed and used, I will say again and again that wind is an expensive, useless sham.

Justin R. Turco

Ira, Vt.

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