Transportation and other infrastructure investment is key to Maine businesses’ ability to compete internationally in the 21st-century economy.

Cathy Breen, Democratic primary candidate in District 25, understands this, making her the right choice on June 10.

Deep water ports, railroads, high speed Internet, renewable energy, public/mass transportation, bridges and, yes, roads, are crucial to Maine keeping pace and developing jobs for our children.

Cathy Breen knows that Maine’s small businesses are our greatest strength and that growing Maine companies is our best investment. But, this growth requires a modern, efficient and cost-effective transportation network. She will not support holding hostage to politics Maine’s voter-approved infrastructure bonds.

Cathy Breen knows that the right incentives and investments can make Maine a world leader in renewable energy.

Her leadership and experience will be invaluable in the Legislature. She supported the Metro bus service expansion into Falmouth when she served on Falmouth’s Town Council and traveled with members of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce to Nova Scotia to promote regional economic development.

She understands that towns in the Portland region need to work together, and not compete with one another, in order to develop transportation infrastructure and promote economic growth that supports the Greater Portland region and Maine.

A vote for Cathy Breen is the right one for District 25 voters in Chebeague, Cumberland, Falmouth, Gray, Long Island, Yarmouth and parts of Westbrook.

Ann Peoples