Brady Lafrance led the Falcons’ scoring against York on Tuesday, shuttling home four goals in a 12-5 victory.

The homefield triumph moves the Falcons to 6-3 in 2014. They’ve currently got their talons sunk in B East’s third spot, behind Maranacook/Winthrop at 7-0 and Yarmouth at 5-3, but ahead of Morse, who’re 7-1.

“We’re 6-3 now; that’s the best we’ve done in years,” Freeport head coach Geoff Arris said.

York earned the game’s first goal, just two and a half minutes in – but went man-down another minute on, and Freeport soon evened the score. Ten yards out from the Wildcats’ net, Falcon Connor Dostie grabbed the ball and curled inside for 1-1. Dostie took a hit to the head, mid-shot, and had to check out of the game for its remainder, but his contribution ignited an offensive explosion.

Freeport hashed three more in the first quarter alone, Noah Butler feeding Brady Lafrance with 6:24 to play, then adding one himself – a loose ball he scooped up in thin coverage not far from the York goal – around 4:30. Lafrance got the Falcons’ fourth a minute later, and the team looked sharp. In fact, Freeport appears increasingly well-oiled in each outing, with ever-more-organized offensive and defensive maneuvering and an entire attack able and willing to go for the goal and get it.

The second started slow; it ticked half away before York’s Mitchell Lee juked up the middle to earn his team’s second. With 3:33 to play, Falcon Ramsey Dodge dished to Lafrance from behind the net for Lafrance’s next tally, but the Wildcats answered before the half expired, 5-3.

“It was an interesting one today,” Arris said. “It took us the first half to come out of it. We came out and immediately played…not our game. We were playing very even with them. As the score showed, I think we’re a stronger team, and it took us until about halftime to figure it out.”

“After that, we were doing very well. We started moving the ball, our defense started sharpening up a little bit, we started shutting them down – stopped letting guys in on the crease. Our game finally kicked in, truly, in the fourth quarter. It’s a little too late for comfort, but it worked today.”

Freeport had built a lead, yes, but not really caught fire – not yet. When the second half kicked off, though, they found a fast groove, notching five more inside five minutes, and six total in the third. Dodge ripped one from atop the zone, Lafrance shoveled to Butler from behind the York net for another and himself zigzagged from behind the net for yet another.

“We came out in the third quarter and got a few – that we needed – and kept the momentum going. There were some big hits early in the game; we’ve got two more kids with concussions – so now we’re down to 13, total. They took some big hits, and I think it took them a bit to figure out they’d be OK.”

The Falcons added one final insurance goal in the fourth, while in the entire second half, the Wildcats managed to tally just two for a 12-5 final. Keeper Zac Wogan saved 17.

“Zac gets better every day,” Arris said. “He lights the fire, on the defense, when they need it, and he keeps them calm when they need it. It’s amazing, coming from a sophomore. He’s able to command this team, and they respond to him.

“He just comes up with big save after big save. It’s to the point where we used to be like, ‘Oh, that was a pretty good save.’ But now it’s like we expect it of him, and he expects it of himself – finally. So now he’s able to step into the big situations and come up big for us.”

Lafrance had four goals on the day; Dodge, Butler and Sam Wogan had a pair each. Dostie and Perrin Davidson earned one a piece.

Freeport’s follow-up challenge was a doozy: a road game at Greely, 5-3 and third in B West. The teams faced off on Friday the 23rd at 4 p.m., after the Tri-Town Weekly’s early deadline. They’ll travel to Lake Region on Wednesday the 28th for another 4 p.m. bout.

Connor Dostie attacks at home for Freeport Tuesday.The Falcons’ Sam Wogan wards off two Wildcats.Freeport’s Zach Owen looks to pass at home against York.The weather was bizarrely cooperative over the lacrosse field in Freeport on Tuesday.Noah Butler had a pair of goals in Freeport’s 12-5 victory over York at home on Tuesday.A pair of York defenders converge on Freeport’s Ramsey Dodge.Freeport’s Jake Perry carries the ball on defense.

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