Who is Eliot Cutler and why does he want to be my governor?

To be honest, I had never heard of him prior to the 2010 election and after the results were known, I didn’t hear from or about him again.

Now that we are on the verge of the next election for governor, he mysteriously reappears and is once again asking for my vote.

Let me rephrase my question: Where has Eliot Cutler been for the past three years and what has he done here in Maine to earn my vote?

Regarding Mike Michaud, by my count he has won 16 elections to legislative bodies where he was one of many.

At no time has he served as a CEO or administrator or been at the head of the table actually running things.

Has the buck ever stopped at his desk?

And yes, there is our current governor, Paul LePage. A bull in the proverbial china shop without a doubt.

When I go to the polls in November, however, I will not be so concerned about the crusty shell but rather what’s going on inside.

I will ask myself who among these three is best suited to run this state as a business.

I send a considerable amount of my paycheck to the state each week and I want it spent wisely and appropriately.

Who is that person?

A lawyer who spent most of his career in Washington?

A former paper mill worker who was elected to state and federal legislative positions 16 times?

Or a man who has run a Maine business, who has spent his life in Maine and is trying to do the right thing for Maine.

Besides, if LePage is not governor, what will Bill Nemitz write about?

Steven Edmondson