A small Maine company that produces Chinese dumplings issued a voluntary recall of products containing turkey meat that were not properly inspected, according to a statement issued by the Maine Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.

No one has been sickened from products produced by Jyang-Lee’s Kitchen, of Cooper Mills, which produces organic dim sum appetizers, some of which contain meat. The recalled products are Jyang-Lee’s Turkey Wonton, Jyang-Lee’s Mainely-Turkey Elegant Eggroll and Jyang-Lee’s Turkey Dumpling. Jyang-Lee products are carried in about a dozen stores in Maine, Angela Fargin, the owner of Jyang-Lee’s Kitchen, said Wednesday.

So far, nearly 200 bags of the appetizers have been pulled from store shelves. and more will be removed soon, Fargin said.

Fargin said she has been operating for 17 years and has had no problems with the U.S. Department of Agriculture because she purchased her poultry from a local farmer whose slaughtering facility is USDA-approved and inspected. In the last two weeks, however, Fargin said officials insisted she cease production and recall any remaining products on store shelves because she did not have a state or USDA grant of inspection, meaning inspectors did not routinely visit her company.

Fargin said she did not know what triggered the enforcement action or if regulations had changed. The state’s inspection program said in its statement that it initiated an investigation after staff noticed that Fargin’s products did not carry a mark of inspection.

“I don’t know my future for now,” said Fargin. “It’s the federal government, I can’t fight with them. We’re too little. We don’t deserve this. We work hard.”

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