George Will should take a lesson in cause and effect.

In his May 19 column (“LBJ’s Great Society recast government’s role, social norms”), he laments the dramatic decrease in the proportion of men older than 20 who are working. Perhaps he should instead celebrate the true reason for this shift: People are living longer and actually enjoying retirement!

He also bizarrely suggests that people in poverty are somehow better off because some have DVD players and the Internet, while “even the richest U.S. households” did not have those in 1964. I’ll bet some poor people had phones and newspapers in 1964, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t in poverty.

I suggest that George Will, instead of simply regurgitating another author’s ideological drivel, should think for himself, examine the statistics he is mindlessly quoting and perhaps realize that the Great Society is not the root of all evil.

Daniel Smith

North Yarmouth