Election day is fast approaching, and those of us in Maine’s third district are fortunate to have John Tuttle running again for Senate. Tuttle has served in the Maine Legislature for more than 30 years and has a firm record of standing up for all of us ”“ not only in his jurisdiction, but also for standing strong on issues that are important to all Mainers.

He knows how hard these economic times have hurt our Maine communities and works to make things better for us all. Important issues in recent years that Tuttle has stood firm on include supporting raising the minimum wage and making health care coverage available for Mainers who currently do not have access to health care. He has spoken out against punitive disability restrictions and does not back down when he knows issues need to be fought for.

He currently is the chairman on the Committee of Veterans and Legal Affairs, and recognizes the value of retaining Maine’s 133rd Engineer Battalion in our community.

But all of this aside, Tuttle has an “open-door” policy to his constituents, always listening to their needs and doing what he personally can to help them when they feel they have no voice. He has been a voice for all of us while in his positions in both the House of Representatives and the State Senate. He believes in Sanford and our surrounding communities, and we need him to continue representing us in Augusta.

Let’s support him on June 10, election day.

Elizabeth O’Connor, Springvale