I am writing to support my friend, Sen. John Tuttle, in the Democratic Primary coming up on June 10.

If you are a Democrat living in Sanford, Waterboro, Shapleigh, Newfield, Limerick, Parsonsfield or Cornish, you have the opportunity to support a strong leader for York County who has always put our values and our interests first.

Tuttle has chaired York County’s delegation to the Maine Legislature and used that perch to help working people and seniors in our region. He fought to restore revenue sharing to York County towns and cities. He has fought for employment for our veterans, so that they can have opportunities when they return home from serving our country.

He has also been a forceful advocate for jobs programs such as the precision machining program in Sanford, which trains workers for well-paying jobs with employers like Pratt & Whitney.

Tuttle is an EMT from Sanford who has never forgotten where he comes from and who he represents. He listens to his constituents and delivers results for them, no matter how big or small the concern is. I’ve seen him call government agencies directly to make this happen.

On June 10, I urge you to turn out and vote for John Tuttle, a strong voice for York County’s working families in the Maine Senate.

District 133 (Part of Saco) Rep. Barry Hobbins, Saco