In this day and age, it’s a good idea to get to know who you are voting for as your state senator.

All the candidates tell us that they support growth in jobs, want to strengthen small business and reduce both the government bureaucracy and taxes. That’s what we want to hear. However, once elected, few candidates offer a sustainable plan for any of the things we truly need.

It’s a complex world in which we live today, and we need representatives with skills who understand the issues, problems and challenges and possess the proven experience and ability to craft solutions that work.

I am writing to offer my support for Sen. John L. Tuttle, candidate for Maine Senate District 33.

I have known John for more than 40 years as he has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our community and state.

Sen. Tuttle is an expert in public policy and finance. He understands the challenges of running small businesses in Maine. A supporter of traditional Maine recreational businesses, John Tuttle has always been there to help guide the Legislature with sensible support of our industry.

John holds strong family values and a view of topics that mirrors the majority of the constituents in our state. As a state senator, he will continue to represent the people of Maine honorably and ensure that our voices are heard in Augusta.

John has the common-sense approach to leadership and the drive needed to make a difference in the future of our region.

Jayson Allain

owner, The Outdoor Adventure Company Guide Service