I am 65 years old, a combat Vietnam War veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive. I am writing to inform you about the Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Togus.

I must say that the Togus VA hospital is probably one of the best VA hospitals in the country.

I have been going there for 35-plus years, as have my brothers, my wife, who is a veteran, and my mother. All of these family members received full medical attention at Togus.

The emergency department at Togus is phenomenal and greatly dedicated to people.

My mother, who fought underground in the resistance in France during World War II, is recognized by the United States government as an Allied veteran. She never was in the U.S. military, yet she is considered a veteran who reaps the benefits of the VA.

Recently, my wife had cancer and was sent to the Boston VA, where any and all cancer was arrested.

I have visited numerous VA hospitals throughout the country, and not one could hold a candle to the Togus VA.

Again, it probably has the most professional, caring, loving people who you or I, as a veteran, will ever meet.

You have to experience the good which I’ve experienced over the years, as well as my close family.

I would love to discuss this further, as the public has a right to know both sides of the coin.

James Prescott