A fantastic day of weather continues with bright sunshine and warm temperatures.  Away from the coast highs will reach the upper 60s and  low 70s and I suspect a even a few mid-70s over interior York County.  The reason for the cooler temperatures at the coast is of course a sea breeze.

Today marks the start of a new month and a month with a lot of potential sunshine.  We have more light this month than any other month of the year and it’s not until the last week we start losing daylight.

The birds are starting to sing well before 5AM this time of year and you can still see light on the northwest horizon after 9PM. 

With high pressure in control the next two days sunshine will be abundant and the weather super for all outdoor activities.   The water might be a bit chilly for a swim, but a few brave souls could go for an early dip in the lake or ocean, especially tomorrow.

A winds turn more southerly tomorrow even warmer air will flow north.  Highs inland will reach the upper 70s and maybe near 80F. A frontal boundary will be in the area from later Tuesday through Thursday with more in the way of clouds and some showers.  The highest chance of rain will be in the afternoon during this period.  Clouds will keep temperatures cooler in the upper 60s to mid-70s.

As long as the system keeps moving we should clear out for the upcoming weekend. More of course later this week.

Many of you thought May was not very spring-like.   The numbers actually tell us a different story, but it seems like so many people feel differently.  I think after a cold March followed by a chilly April we all just wanted it to be warmer.   The image below shows the preliminary data for May in Portland.  Notice it was actually a slightly warmer and drier month than average.  Believe it or not, last May was actually slightly colder!

The nights this May have been consistently in the 40s this month.  Three mornings in Portland went into the 30s and two of those came this last week.   While the typical May might show similar numbers, I don’t personally remember having to bring my plants back inside so much in May.

With clear skies tonight it’s a good opportunity to look up.  Just after sunset you can see the constellation Gemini, the moon and Jupiter all in the same general area of the sky.  The moon will be growing larger this week heading towards full the night of June 12th.