I keep getting expensive, oversized fliers from the “Vote No on 1” guys. I get it, they’re backed with tons of money, but what I don’t understand is this singular focus.

This “fight” is over more than just this one space. It’s about all or at least a majority of all the public green spaces in and around Portland that are at stake (for sale and for profit). Check out a copy of the ballot at City Hall or online if you don’t believe me.

Certainly Congress Square isn’t much to look at in the current state it is in, but it’s a bit sleazy and misleading to say that the referendum is all about this one space. Portland doesn’t have much in terms of public green spaces and selling this one space opens the door to all the others being sucked into this sell-out-for-profit by the greed and benefit of one business.

I’m ashamed of our very own mayor supporting this. I say, “Yes on 1!” and I still want a vibrant useful park space on Congress Square. We can update and “functionalize” this park without selling out! It’s for everyone!

Jenifer Wikstrom


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