I’ve read recently that York County Chief Deputy Bill King was reprimanded 10 years ago for driving his government car to referee a basketball game. Another report explained that the basketball game was for special needs children. King sounds like a horrible man for doing such a dastardly deed. I need to tell you about some other horrible things this man has done since becoming the chief deputy of the York County Sheriff’s Office. 

Two years ago, I was the victim of a serious, life-threatening assault. Admittedly, I was at a bar and had a few too many drinks. I encountered a gang of younger, more sober thugs who needed to prove their masculinity. 

As video surveillance shows, I was the victim of an unprovoked assault. The thugs surrounded me while two of them beat me ”“ and continued beating me after I lay on the pavement, unconscious. They stopped others from getting medical help for me. The sheriff’s office and rescue was called, and I was transported to the hospital, where I spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit. The beating left me with permanent disfigurement and some physical deficits. 

I wanted my two assailants prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which included several court appearances. I became quite familiar with the inner workings of the criminal justice system. And I became very familiar with King. 

He personally monitored the status of my case, and checked on me constantly. Even during corrective surgeries and the subsequent recovery periods, he would always give me a “well check.” King even contacted my employer and told them how much he appreciated their benevolence by holding my job for me through my recovery.  

I eventually returned to work with a modified job, while my assailants were given a very stern slap on the wrist: several months in jail. I was upset with this outcome, but King explained the criminal justice process completely. While I still don’t agree, I gained a respect for law enforcement that I didn’t have before. 

Two years after the assault, I suffered a heart attack. My boss called King because even he knew that this cop cares about people, and he was one of my first visitors.

We have an opportunity in York County to vote for an outstanding individual. His compassion, professionalism and dedication to the citizens are unprecedented. I hope nobody ever has to meet King under the circumstances I did, but if you do, he will be there for you. 

Please join me in voting for him on June 10.

Jason Moreland, Berwick