Re: “Maine Voices: Maine sends the wrong message by rejecting right-to-work zones” (May 30):

Sen. Andre Cushing, R-Hampden, is wrong when he calls for the state to establish right-to-work zones to lure large businesses to Maine. Wrong in believing that this will boost the state’s economy, and wrong in betraying the trust of working Mainers in his district.

The right of workers to organize is an important protection against unfair and dangerous practices in business and industry.

And in most cases, limiting that right isn’t even necessary. If a business wishes to prevent its workers from organizing, all it has to do is treat its employees fairly, paying them living wages, providing reasonable benefits and establishing safe and humane working conditions.

Instead of luring big companies from away – companies that, history has shown, tend to use Maine workers and then discard them – Maine needs to invest in supporting and encouraging home-grown small businesses and entrepreneurs. These will be the true economic engine of Maine’s survival.