Your criticism of House Republican Leader Kenneth Fredette’s column (“Our View: Echo chamber ‘facts’ distort MaineCare debate,” May 31) rings hollow.

Yes, he used the typical conservative trick of stating whatever bogus information he could dig up. It’s to be expected. Conservatives by nature don’t look for objective facts. They simply find confirmation of what they have already decided is the ultimate truth.

I should congratulate you on responding to the false statements by Fredette except for the fact that you have let M.D. Harmon do exactly the same thing for as long as I have been reading your paper.

A recent example is his Feb. 21 claim (“Regarding climate change, John Kerry is the one full of hot air”) that “It was considerably warmer in the historic past, both in the Roman era and in the Middle Ages, times when CO2 levels were much lower than today.”

This sentence, which is stated as fact, comes directly from one source: the website “C02 Science” ( summaries/mwpsoutham.php).

This website is run by the Idso family, who have made a lucrative business out of publishing nonsense on behalf of corporations and other donors.

Clean up your own act first.