I have lived in Sanford for over 20 years. I am a Democrat and a small business owner. I have been very interested in the work of state Rep. Andrea Boland, who is running for the District 33 seat in the Maine Senate. During her four terms in the House, she has worked long and hard for the hard-working people in Maine.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Andrea. She has a good work ethic and it shows for all the time she puts in for us. Times are tough for us all and she knows how hard we all fight to keep our bills paid and to keep insurance current.

It is very important to her that most people have not saved for retirement and need Social Security to be there for us. She understands the banking crisis and mortgage crisis, and is trying to make sure that we can stay in our homes when the time comes, and don’t have to make the decision to heat our homes or buy our meds or put food on our tables. She cares and it shows.

Please let’s make sure she is elected to the Maine Senate.

Linda J. Hutchins