Wonders never cease. I actually agree with a liberal regarding the wasteful spending to hire a “political hack” to evaluate Maine’s “anti-poverty” program. I agree with Rep. Linda Valentino because one need only use a little common sense to evaluate this program and understand that it is government acting as a charity by extorting money from people who have worked hard for it, to give it to people who have not worked for it.

If you actually believe that government should act as a charity, I cordially invite you to do the research to find out just how inefficient that charity is (around 30 percent ”“ pretty poor).

At the very end of her recent commentary, however, Valentino makes a fatal mistake that totally devastates her logic in supporting these big government giveaway socialist programs. She says, “We know that claiming other people’s work as your own is as dishonest as it is lazy.”

Do you think that claiming the fruits of the labors of the work of others is just as dishonest and lazy? If you do, then you might come to the conclusion that these welfare parasites should actually get a job and provide for their own food and shelter.

Of course, subsidizing the continuing production of illegitimate babies will lead to the destruction of a civilization. Whenever people have their bills paid for them without having to work, is there really any motivation to go to work?

As before, socialism merely aggravates those from whom it extorts the money and makes permanent beggars of those who get the free goodies. And democracy is the form of government whereby the stupid and lazy can vote themselves the fruits of the labors of the intelligent and industrious because they outnumber them.

Frank Novotny, Biddeford