In answer to Stephen Gorden’s letter in the June 1 Maine Sunday Telegram (“One-day delay could save mail service”):

Where and how did he come up with the figure of $5 billion per year of savings by receiving mail every other day?

So what about all the mail carriers who lose their jobs because of this?

In this economy, who would end up paying for their unemployment? We the people.

Unemployment and food stamps are what these folks have to rely on, and Mr. Gorden and the rest of us must pick up the tab.

There is enough lost work in this country now as it is, with our factories and call centers going overseas for cheaper labor.

And our elected officials in Washington, D.C., are too busy fighting each other to see that’s the real culprit right now with our economy.

Bring back those factories or make them pay a high enough tariff that it will not be profitable for them anymore.

Stop sending so much money to countries that really do not want us there. When disasters happen to us, how many of those so-called allies come to our aid? Think about that, and remember it at election time.

Juliette M. Dionne


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