LEWISTON —Activists who succeeded in getting possession of marijuana legalized for recreational use in Portland are turning their attention to three more Maine communities.

Marijuana activists will be at polling places Tuesday to seek 1,000 signatures in both Lewiston and South Portland to force local referendums the issue, said David Boyer from the Maine Marijuana Project. They’ll also seek 100 signatures to put the matter before the Town Council in York.

“We wanted to show that this isn’t something exclusive to Portland. Mainers across the state are ready to move forward with a more sensible marijuana policy,” Boyer said.

The proposals are similar to one enacted by Portland voters in November except that the amount of marijuana would be smaller – 1 ounce instead of 2.5 ounces. The smaller amount is in line with voter-approved marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington. It would remain illegal to use marijuana in public or for those under 21 to have it.

The South Portland City Council is opposing the effort. Councilors passed a symbolic, nonbinding resolution a week ago opposing a campaign to legalize marijuana.