Charlie Mull said he is as serious as the next guy when it comes to playing baseball, it just doesn’t always look that way.

“I play my best when I’m relaxed,” said Cheverus’ senior center fielder. “I don’t want to stress myself out. I don’t go into every game thinking I’m going to go 3 for 3 or 4 for 4. I want to do my best, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s not a big deal.

“When I’m in the dugout, I’m not that serious, but when I’m playing, I’m just a serious as anyone else. I’m focused getting into my zone.”

Cheverus Coach Mac McKew said Mull is a different player when he takes the field.

“It’s like a switch goes on. He’s all business.”

Mull feels his relaxed approached has helped him excel this season. The leadoff batter, who leads the Stags into a preliminary-round game against Thornton Academy on Tuesday, finished second in the SMAA with a .456 batting average. Teammate Jensen LaPoint, a sophomore, won the league batting crown with a .500 average.

Mull led the league in runs scored (19), hits (26) and tied for first in plate appearances with 66. He was tied for second in at-bats (57), total bases (33) and hit by pitch (five). Mull finished sixth in slugging percentage (.579) and seventh in on-base percentage (.515).

This from a player who only played in one game as a sophomore (as a defensive replacement). As a junior, Mull showed signs of his potential, batting .339 as the Stags’ No. 9 hitter and left fielder.

“Charlie had definitely flown under the radar as far as known baseball players in the league coming into this season,” said McKew. “But I haven’t seen a better defensive outfielder.”

His offense is pretty good, too, based on the numbers. But Mull isn’t about the numbers, he is about helping his team win. If that means getting hit by a pitch or taking an extra base, that’s what he’ll do.

“It’s just like getting a single,” Mull said of getting hit by a pitch. “I was crowding the plate early in the season and got hit by a pitch four times in the first three games. When I moved back off the plate, I started to hit. Coach McKew paraphrased a quote from Shaquille O’Neal before the season, ‘The day he stopped caring about his stats was the day he started winning.’ I’ve definitely taken that to heart.”

Mull’s laid-back personality has tested McKew’s patience at times.

For example, Mull showed up 10 minutes late for a bus trip to Boston College High for a preseason game.

“I didn’t start him,” said McKew.

Mull has been on time for bus trips the rest of the season, but just barely.

“If the bus is scheduled to leave at 3, Charlie will show up at 2:59,” McKew said. “He’ll have a smile as he walks on.”

Mull, a goalie on the Cheverus boys’ soccer team who will play the sport at the University of Southern Maine next season, said a couple of bad games his junior year helped him develop his easygoing personality.

“Goalie can be a very stressful position and I try not to let the stress get the better of me, but in those games my junior year, I started over thinking and taking it too seriously,” Mull said. “I got back to relaxing and having fun.”

Mull has stayed with that philosophy with good results. At times, however, his teammates have mistaken his laid-back style for nonchalance.

“I get that a lot,” said Mull. “I got in a little bit of trouble at the beginning of the season with the captains for not seeming to care. I can see how people might think that. I wore shorts a couple of times in practice when you’re supposed to wear baseball pants. That didn’t go over too well. I wear my hat a little differently. It’s kind of up and to the side. It’s a little crooked.”

Senior shortstop Felix del Vecchio, a tri-captain, said Mull brings a competitive edge, but also knows how to make the team laugh.

“Charlie provides a little comic relief,” said del Vecchio. “During practice, he’ll be listening to the group One Direction and dancing in the outfield. He dances on the bus. During practice, he’ll wave to me from the outfield in hopes of starting a conversation. We have a pretty strict dress code, but he’ll cut the sleeves on his shirt to get a tan.”

Mull has the No. 9 tattooed on his right forearm in memory of his sister, Stephie, who died from leukemia at age 9 in 1999. Mull was 4 years old at the time. His wears No. 9 on his uniform.

“It’s a memorial to her,” Mull said. “I’ve worn No. 9 since Little League. Stephie is an inspiration for me. Coach always tells us to play for someone who inspires you and she inspires me. I always give my best for her.”

Cheverus finished the regular season 8-8 and faces Thornton Academy (8-7-1) for a chance to play in the quarterfinals. Thornton beat Cheverus 4-3 on May 29.

“We definitely have the talent to beat any team in the playoffs,” said Mull.