One-term incumbents Randall Bates and Andrew Kittredge, along with political newcomer Tamson Bickford Hamrock, were elected to the Yarmouth Town Council Tuesday in a four-way race for three seats.

Robert Waeldner, another political newcomer, came in last, with 752 votes.

Kittredge earned the most votes, with 1,061, followed by Bickford Hamrock with 1,050, then Bates with 925.

Bates, 46, is a lawyer who hopes the council continues moving in the same direction, with relatively stable property taxes, well-managed municipal improvements and a quality school system.

Hamrock, 56, is an arts and development entrepreneur who is following in the footsteps of her father, the late Erv Bickford, who served on the council for decades. She said she plans to promote multi-use development that would provide affordable housing for elders and young people and attract new business in keeping with the town’s character.

Kittredge, 35, is a construction manager who believes he provides a younger, homegrown perspective on the council. He said he will continue to work on economic development issues in an effort to make Yarmouth more business-friendly.

Waeldner, 49, is a lawyer who has been active in civic affairs since moving to the town 16 years ago.