I am surprised and disappointed to hear about the rate increase proposed by Central Maine Power.

As one of CMP’s half-million customers, I wanted to voice my concern and disapproval of the proposal.

All CMP customers will be affected by this rate increase if it’s approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Maine is a state made up of hard-working citizens of all ages. However, many of these hard-working Mainers face difficult circumstances financially and do not have a lot (if any) extra money to spend.

The products and services provided by CMP are vital to the lives of all of their customers, but without extra spending money, how can these customers afford an increased cost?

Of the many Maine citizens over the age of 65 receiving Social Security, one-third are completely dependent on their Social Security check. Because they have no other source of income, none of these people will have any way to meet the increased cost in their CMP bill.

Personally, I am not one of the CMP customers over the age of 65, and I do not receive Social Security.

However, I am a CMP customer who would like my voice to be heard for my family and families all over the state that would be affected by this proposed rate increase.

People of all ages, in all areas of Maine, should be concerned about the consequences of this proposal being approved.

Those who have worked hard all of their lives, and those still working hard to make ends meet, simply cannot afford to have the Maine PUC approve the proposal.

I encourage CMP customers to contact the commission at http://1.usa.gov/1hOILsq to express their concerns as well.

Lindsey Kartaszewicz