I believe in Eliot Cutler. I support Eliot Cutler because of his extraordinary ability, his integrity and his relentless work ethic.

The problems facing Maine include a weak economy, an aging population, a challenged public academic infrastructure and a lack of entrepreneurial incentive.

We need leaders who understand these problems and have the courage to propose and implement bold new solutions, leaders who are at home in any environment from schoolroom to boardroom to the Cabinet room.

We need leaders who not only understand Maine but also have the skills and experience and compassion to get us back in the game. We need leaders who have a steadfast belief in human rights. Leaders who are not bound to any party but are bound only to the needs of the people of Maine. We need leaders we can trust – trust with our pocketbook.

Eliot, and only Eliot, has those skills (proven over years of success all over the nation), and we the people of Maine will be the loser if we do not elect him.

Merle Nelson

former Democratic state legislator