I remember back when we had the debate on having a casino in Sanford and it got voted down, which was a big mistake. At the time, some of the residents spoke against it stating, “We don’t want to lose our small-town atmosphere.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you lost that small town atmosphere the day you voted to become a city. Take a drive around town and what do you see? We now have seven thrift stores, five pawn shops, two check-cashing businesses and now a fireworks sales business. What’s next, strip clubs? We need to let our elected officials know that enough is enough. I keep hearing from them that we need to attract more business to Sanford, and I agree, but not these types of businesses.

I’m sure I will get plenty of replies to this and I don’t care, this is my opinion, and at least for right now, I have a right to it. Who knows what will happen in the near future to try and remove that right from us.

Joseph Armstrong, Sanford