JERUSALEM — In a blistering attack on those suspected of seizing three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank last week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that they want “to destroy us,” and he pledged continued cooperation with Israeli security forces in the effort to track them down.

The blunt remarks at a meeting of foreign ministers from Arab and other Muslim nations in Saudi Arabia were Abbas’ first comments on the suspected abduction, and they reflected a readiness to aggressively confront the militants thought to have kidnapped the teens.

Though there’s been no credible claim of responsibility, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged that members of the militant Islamist group Hamas kidnapped the teens, and he’s dispatched hundreds of troops to the West Bank in a sweeping crackdown on the group.

In an emergency call to the Israeli police on the night of the incident, one of the teenagers whispered that he was being kidnapped. But the call, which was unclear and abruptly cut off, was dismissed as a prank after a return call went unanswered, law enforcement officials have confirmed. On Wednesday a recording of the conversation was made available to the families of the youths, and the Israeli police chief appointed a team to investigate the response.

Accused by Hamas of collaborating with the Israelis, Abbas defiantly defended the cooperation of his forces in the search for the missing youths. The three seminary students, who studied in West Bank settlements, disappeared Thursday night as they hitchhiked home.