Re: “Gay marriage now business as usual” (June 8):

Barney Frank may get great pleasure in saying, “I told you so,” when it comes to same-sex “marriage,” but he fails to make a credible case. His ad hominem, straw man and fallacious arguments simply do not prove his point.

I offer the following three replies:

First, one must wonder what on earth he is talking about when he refers to “the legal rights promised in the Constitution’s Declaration of Independence” – especially since there is no such document.

 Second, in asserting that there has not “been even the slightest disruption in the lives of the heterosexual majority” he fails to admit some widely known facts: the Mozilla CEO who lost his job for simply making a donation to Proposition 8 in California; the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship leaders who are refused welcome on a Maine college campus for failure to sign a policy statement that violates their religious beliefs; the schoolchildren who are taught that same-sex “marriage” is the moral and functional equivalent of natural marriage, and the millions of Americans who are afraid to state what they believe because those who talk the loudest about tolerance are some of the most intolerant folks around.

 Third, the primary argument against same-sex “marriage” was not that it would damage heterosexual marriages, but simply that it was not marriage. Barney Frank may have a husband, but because he does not have a wife, he does not have a marriage.