Now that Emily Cain has secured her party’s nomination for the 2nd District’s U.S. House seat, Democratic political campaign strategist and Maine Sunday Telegram columnist Michael Cuzzi’s latest commentary throws Maine’s environmental and political activists under the bus in an attempt to court moderate Republicans and independents in the upcoming election (“Poliquin’s nomination confirms GOP’s major shift to the right,” June 15).

Little does he realize that the majority of activists who voted for Cain, who is pro-big business, feel betrayed by the same entities that spent so much money to court their vote. By attacking efforts to promote sustainability and save public space in Portland, Cuzzi firmly aligns “his” Democratic Party with supporting corporate interests and jobs at any cost.

Perhaps he has forgotten the 2010 midterm elections, when many activists felt left out and stayed home in droves.

I’m wondering if former shop steward Mike Michaud and First Amendment rights activist Shenna Bellows would endorse Cuzzi’s position. Or is Cuzzi simply parroting his paper’s and corporate media’s view of the world post-Citizens United?

Lew Kingsbury