Now we all see just who is running this city. Special interest groups, that’s who. Can you believe it? Our council of clowns has voted for bag fees! Honestly, do you really believe that by charging people, it will cut down on litter or save a bag from floating in Back Cove?

Come next spring we can all enjoy going to our favorite supermarket and purchasing a nice piece of meat that is dry because it has been sitting on a piece of cardboard absorbing the juices from it. Or we can go to our favorite coffee shop and burn our hands holding the cup.

Why? Because instead of listening to taxpayers, our council would rather listen to some tree-hugging group from California.

Have you ever even once seen a fish eat a plastic bag? This council would rather save the fish and birds than human beings.

Moreover, the city mandates plastic trash bags that we pay for, and guess what? They burn them at the incinerator, polluting the air we breathe. Now that makes sense.

So thanks to the five councilors and an overpaid mayor for making my shopping trips better. I like shopping in South Portland and Westbrook.

Frank Teras