Recently while visiting Portland, I received a ticket for parking in a commercial zone. My mistake was an honest one. After checking the signs along the street, I concluded I was legally parked. The curb wasn’t painted yellow.

I misinterpreted the arrows on the signs. I thought the arrows meant the space behind the sign, instead of the area between the signs.

Instead of using arrows that point in no meaningful direction, I suggest there be one sign that says, “Commercial only from here to the corner.” The city would save money, as only one sign would be needed. The zone would be more clearly delineated. If two signs are preferred, I suggest they read, “Commercial only between signs.”

I can’t rectify my $30 mistake because I live more than two hours from Portland. Contesting the ticket doesn’t make sense. Hopefully, this letter will be received in the positive light it is intended.

Nelda Warkentin