Julie McDonald-Smith’s “Far” Right View has managed to opine across a broad spectrum of right-wing talking points. What immigration law is not being enforced? Should children who came to the U.S. through no fault of their own and lived most of their lives in the U.S. be deported? Concerning prisoner exchanges, what authority is required from Congress before the Commander In Chief acts? What hazard pay reduction is there in Qatar? Why was the Bucca Prison closed and who ended the U.S.-Iraq security agreement? What is “socialized” about health care? Are we all under the Veterans’ Administration now? How does the president put us in debt? I thought Congress approved appropriations. Isn’t reducing the military a necessary way to reduce the deficit? Has the deficit been reduced to under four percent of GDP?

McDonald-Smith is wise to turn over a third of her essay to quoting the publisher’s press release on a right-wing treatise on executive power. Perhaps future columns could just be reprints from right-wing sources. She might also read history of Nixon-Watergate and Reagan-Iran Contra as history lessons to consider on impeachable offenses.

Robert Libby
Chebeague Island