The city of Portland should be very ashamed.

My grandparents, uncles and, most recently, my mother are interred in Forest City Cemetery, which the city owns.

Until two years ago, my mother and her sister (who now lives in California) had taken care of the family plot. For years my mother asked the caretakers of Forest City to maintain and upgrade the land bordering the plot. We’ve paid for perpetual care. Our plot is in the oldest part of the cemetery, way down back.

Two years ago, when my aunt came for a visit, we met with a gentleman at the cemetery. We were told that because of low staffing and low funds, only the basics, such as mowing, get done.

The newer part of the cemetery, which is up front, always looks groomed. So does Evergreen, because it is historic.

In leaving one day recently, I noticed the whole older section of Forest City is in disrepair. The city seems to find funds for many beautification projects. The older section of Forest City deserves to be as well maintained as the newer section.

Use funds for beautification on this project. Let’s make it a priority for those lying in Forest City. In their lifetime, they lived, worked, played and paid taxes to the city of Portland. Show due respect.

Just before my mother passed, she mentioned again the plot’s condition. As an homage to her, I purchased a small rake, grass seed and a sprinkling can to try to give a little spruce-up to our family plot. I’m trying to water every day. Not easy. At least I’ll know I’ve tried.

I worked for the city of Portland for 18 years. I love the city, but I’m saddened. Stand up for your responsibilities.

In memory of my mother, S.J. Calder,

Judith Estes