When will we:

Learn to mitigate the pain that continues to emanate from the Middle East, once again in the form of strangling oil supplies – but not, for a change, for greed but rather because of the political unrest (it’s always one or the other) now ravaging Iraq?

 Work to extract more of the prolific oil supply here in North America to counter OPEC supply tampering?

 Realize that oil is oil is oil and we need it from a reliable, friendly source such as Canada?

 Understand that Gulf port refineries are uniquely suited to refining oil from Canada?

 Enjoy the jobs and shipping that will flow to the Gulf of Mexico, enhancing the world supply of oil, thus driving it to fair market prices not seen since 1972?

When will we embrace the bounty to the world that is the Keystone pipeline? Its need is monumental, its delay a danger to national and world security.

R. Ted Laguerre