This past winter saw some of the coldest temperatures on record, and some of the highest home heating bills in years, regardless of energy source. Today, Mainers are being barraged with ads urging them to switch to natural gas to heat their homes and businesses.

For more than 80 years, Maine residents have trusted the members of the Maine Energy Marketers Association to deliver honest and accurate information to help them understand the complex issues that impact their energy decisions.

As you spend the summer examining ways to cut your energy bills next winter, we ask that you take a moment to get all of the facts you deserve before doing so.

Through our new website,, and other means, we will look at the claims made by the natural gas industry and stack them up against the facts.

At you’ll learn the facts and truth about energy prices, conversion costs, the impact of heating fuels on the environment, and your energy options.

Take the environment – you often hear that natural gas is cleaner than heating oil or propane. In fact, propane is the cleanest. Natural gas is methane – a very potent greenhouse gas.

Please visit to get the facts, learn about your options and share any questions or comments you may have.

We want to hear from you, and we want to help you in what can be a complicated decision with real consequences.

Jamie Py

president, Maine Energy Marketers Association