WATERVILLE — Lorna Brackett, 25, a fishing enthusiast and recently divorced mother of two small children, lived with contractor, hunter and fisherman Vincent White, 46.

The two left the U.S.A. Lounge in Fairfield after a night of drinking about 10 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 17, 1991.

At 3:17 the following morning, neighbors called Waterville police, complaining of loud voices and fireworks, or possibly gunshots, at 7 Reservoir St.

Responding officers found the two-story house quiet, so they left. Two hours later, the house burst into flames in an act later determined to be arson, and the pair’s charred remains were found inside.

Autopsies found that they died of smoke inhalation and had not suffered bruises, stab wounds or bullet wounds, raising the question as to why they hadn’t exited the home when it caught fire.

That January, police arrested 19 people in a cocaine trafficking investigation that somehow was linked to White.

Two years later, investigators said they had interviewed 400 people and compiled boxes of evidence, but no charges were ever filed.