My husband and I attended the rally June 28 in Deering Oaks described in your June 29 article (“Westbrook won’t stop aid to immigrants”).

We are writing to address two concerns.

• First, the headline above of the article by Beth Quimby doesn’t reflect the broad scope of support for the continuation of public assistance.

As the article goes on to note, Portland Mayor Mike Brennan also supports continuation, and he summarized a communication to him from South Portland Mayor Jerry Jalbert, “who wrote that his city would also continue to provide assistance to people who need it” (as reported by Quimby). The headline, it seems, should reflect the content of the article.

• Secondly, the point is made in the first paragraph that the cities noted above “would continue to provide public assistance to undocumented immigrants … .” Reference is then made to Gov. LePage’s “move to pressure cities and towns to stop providing welfare benefits to newly arrived asylum seekers and other undocumented immigrants.”

Asylum seekers are not “undocumented” immigrants. To call them “undocumented” is not accurate, and this error of yours can only serve to foster resentment toward them.

Joan Leitzer